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Working Together - PSP & Your Company

PSP will act as the bridge between a skilled candidate with disabilities and your company to ensure a successful job placement.

We begin our involvement by assessing your company’s employment needs. If you have a current opening, we will analyze the work skills required and find and train a suitable candidate to match the job. We can also customize a position for one of our job seekers by pulling routine tasks away from other highly skilled employees, freeing them to focus on more strategic duties.

When one of our job seekers is hired by your company, a PSP Employment Consultant works with you to teach your new employee the basic job skills required of the position. In addition to supporting the employee, PSP helps train and educate your staff on issues related to disabilities. Our involvement provides the guidance and internal supports required to create a successful outcome and a cohesive team.

And, because you have PSP’s support, you can rely on our quick response to solve problems or provide additional skills training when needed.

Process Steps

Getting Acquainted:
  • Explain services and support
Discovering Your Needs:
  • Assess workplace needs
  • Identify job opportunities
  • Modify or create a job that meets your labor needs
Making the Match:
  • Bring job candidate to your site for a working interview
  • Make hiring recommendation
  • Present job offer
Corporate Training:
  • Build and train co-worker support team
Job Retention:
  • Provide ongoing support and communication as needed to ensure a positive and productive work experience

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